BosMUN XIII Sponsorship Information


Dear BosMUN XIII Supporter,

We are happy to invite you to sponsor the Thirteenth Annual Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference (BosMUN XIII) that will be held in February 2014 at the Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Boston. Hosted by the Boston University International Affairs Association, this three-day conference brings together more than 1,400 high school students from all over the nation, and around the world, to discuss and debate global issues. Student delegates will research and represent countries and international corporations in mock UN committees. Our staff, comprised of BU undergraduate volunteers, strives to educate and raise awareness among students about the value of engaging in the local and international community.

Sponsoring BosMUN XIII is an excellent opportunity for you to put your name in front of hundreds of potential customers. In addition to the 1,400 high school students in attendance at this conference, more than 50 faculty advisors, and over 100 BU student volunteers will join us in February 2014. You will have the opportunity to reach individuals of all ages and impact the local Boston community and many other communities throughout the country and around the world. While at our conference, high school students, faculty advisors, and staff volunteers will be in the Boston area looking for dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Advertising your business at our conference will bring out-of-state customers to your door while also alerting over 100 Boston University students of your local business.

BosMUN XIII will give advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, and educational resource companies access to over 1,550 students and teachers interested in politics and international affairs, and who are already searching for ways in which to get involved and make a difference outside the classroom. Both large and small businesses in the Greater Boston Area will be able to showcase their services to students, education professionals, and many future leaders, all while supporting a positive educational experience.

I hope you will take some time to view the BosMUN XIII website (, and see how supporting this conference is a win/win proposition. The various sponsorship options available can be found by clicking on the “Advertising and Sponsorship Options” link at the bottom of this page. Whether you place a small advertisement on our website, provide a coupon for our handbook, or become a major sponsor of the conference, you will gain valuable exposure while simultaneously instilling the importance of civic engagement in today’s youth. Thank you for your consideration.



Jatnna Garcia

Information Director, BosMUN XIII


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