Specialized Overview


Hello delegates and welcome to BosMUN XIII,

 I am so excited to meet all of you!  My name is Eve Krassner. I’m a senior at Boston University graduating in Anthropology, and I will be your Under-Secretary General for Specialized committees.  I traveled as a delegate all throughout high school, but it wasn’t until college that I really grew to love and cherish the enthusiasm and creativity of Model UN. Participating as a crisis staff member at BosMUN X was my first experience with the other side of conferences, and since then I have looked forward to the ingenious chaos of our Crisis and Specialized committees.

The Specialized committees are as exciting as ever this year! We have committees like the Press Corp. and NGOs in which delegates will spend the weekend both reporting on and contributing to the progress of the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Councils.   We also have incredibly important international organizations like the United Nations Security Council, the International Monetary Fund, and the International Criminal Court, that represent and strive for development and justice around the world. More nuanced committees that simulate more regionally focused governmental organizations are The Rwandan Patriotic Front which will decide the fate of the conflict in Rwanda, and the Afghan Peace Jirga will revisit questions regarding the Middle East in the year 2010.  Finally, we have the Democratic National Convention of 1968, to take us back to a critical time in the United States political history. 

 I hope you are all looking forward to BosMUN XIII and the great Specialized committees we’ll have this year!  Start thinking about the roles of these institutions, get to know the issues and key stakeholders, consider how you can make them better, and get excited! Every committee presents countless opportunities for innovative thought and fruitful debate, and I for one can’t wait to hear all that you have to share!


All the best,

Eve Cheri Krassner

Under-Secretary General – Specialized Committees