Specialized Committees


Welcome delegates to BosMUN XIV,

My name is Natalie Bracco and I am honored to serve as your Under-Secretary General for Specialized Committees. I am a sophomore majoring in International Relations with a Psychology minor.  I have participated in Model United Nations since my freshman year of high school, serving first as Secretary and later as Vice President of my high school’s MUN club.  At BU, I served as Crisis Staffer for BarMUN VI’s French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as Chair for BosMUN VIII’s UN Commission on the Status of Women. Throughout the years, my passion for Model United Nations has consistently grown, as I truly value all the extensive skills Model UN fosters amongst students. Specifically, I treasure how Model UN provides an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that challenges students to engage in creative discussion of topics that span a wide range of areas. This is why Specialized Committees are my favorite personal aspect of Model UN.

Unlike other UN bodies, Specialized committees are very small, which allows for an exceptionally heated atmosphere for debate and the opportunity for delegates to communicate closely. Not only will delegates be able to refine their negotiation skills, they will also be driven to brainstorm a wide array of different approaches towards tackling prevalent world issues. Specialized committees span a range of interesting world issues over many different time periods and regions. Delegates are given the power to rewrite the past, whether this is through debating how to divide up territory or how to prevent the breakout of a war. Delegates also simulate other bodies vital to the United Nations. They are given the opportunity to leave the conventional room of debate and can both interact with and influence other committees at the Conference. This year at BosMUN XIV, there will be eight Specialized committees including the Yalta Conference (1945), Young Hickory’s Kitchen Cabinet (1845), NATO (1999), NGO Forum, Press Corps, United Nations Security Council, the International Court of Justice, and the World Bank.

I hope all of you are looking forward to BosMUN XIV as much as I am! Get ready to think on your toes and be prepared to be open to all the tantalizing twists and turns that Specialized debate brings. I am extremely excited to hear all of your creative ideas and see your different perspectives come alive during debate this February!

Best Regards,

Natalie Bracco

Under-Secretary General—Specialized Committees 

Floating Crisis Staff

Co Crisis Director: Claudia Morera








Assistant Crisis Director: Henry Sales









Assistant Crisis Director: Dereck Fagundes

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