Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Of the six main General Assembly committees in the United Nations, SPECPOL is the fourth. After merging with the initial fourth committee, the Trusteeship Council, when all the non-self governing territories had been properly administered, SPECPOL was tasked with a decolonization role as well as with the responsibility to deal with issues not taken up by the first committee, DISEC. SPECPOL works closely with the United Nations Security Council to recommend courses of action that would suit current global situations. As is the case with all General Assembly committees, SPECPOL cannot pass binding resolutions or mandates, and it cannot authorize any use of force. Today SPECPOL deals mainly with special political and decolonization issues, Palestinian refugees, and human rights, peacekeeping operations and outer space. Because of this, it is often understood to be the most versatile of the UN General Assembly committees, as its role is to understand and execute action on ideas not dealt with by other committees. 

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