Social, Humanitarian, & Culture Committee


Of the six main General Assembly committees, SOCHUM is the third. SOCHUM is tasked through the UN Charter to maintain international peace and security, although in contrast with the arms non-proliferation mandate of DISEC, this objective is achieved through consideration of humanitarian affairs and social development. The reach and scope of SOCHUM’s activities is broad and often intertwined with that of the other six main General Assembly committees. Of particular note in the jurisdiction of SOCHUM are the necessity to deal with rights of indigenous populations, children, refugees and other minority groups, while also focusing on the issues of poverty, education, food and water shortages, as well as representation in the government. While they cannot enforce sanctions, binding resolutions, or use of force in accordance with all General Assembly abilities, SOCHUM can make suggestions and advisements to the United Nations Security Council as well as to other specialized agencies and non-governmental organizations. This network system allows SOCHUM to carry out its duties within the rights granted it by the United Nations Charter.

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