Disarmament and International Security Committee



Of the six main General Assembly committees in the United Nations, DISEC is the first. From the United Nations charter, it is tasked with the express purpose of promoting the establishment and subsequent maintenance of global peace while simultaneously working to prevent weapons proliferation. This is a broad mandate and at any time, DISEC could be working with a variety of factors in order to carry out its mission. For example, DISEC could be directly involved with the non-proliferation of chemical or biological weapons, limitations on arms trade and illegal weapons trafficking, and creating safeguards to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands. As is the case with General Assembly committees, nothing passed in DISEC is binding. DISEC cannot expressly impose sanctions or authorize armed invasions or conflict, but it can make suggestions to the United Nations Security Council to do the same. As such, topics discussed in DISEC are quite often along the exact same as those discussed in the UNSC, and the two bodies can collaborate to carry out their respective mandates. 


Vice Chair: Michelle Nguyen

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