General Assemblies


Hello Delegates!

 Welcome to BosMUN XIII,

My name is Nishant Garg and I will be your Under-Secretary General for General Assembly Committees this year. I am a sophomore at Boston University in the seven-year accelerated medical program, with a major in medical science and a minor in political science. BosMUN XII was my first opportunity to staff last year, in which I was an assistant crisis director for the Multilateral Summit for Emerging and Developing Nations. My experience showed me that the students who come to the conference are top notch and dedicated to solving world problems. The enthusiasm of the delegates combined with the dynamic nature of BosMUN has pushed me to make this year’s conference an even bigger success. I know that throughout the weekend, delegates will get the chance to grow, learn, and have fun working with one another in solving today’s global issues.

General Assemblies are the largest committees in both the United Nations and Model United Nations because they are inclusive of all 192 member states and therefore represent a wider set of viewpoints from across the world. Because of this, the committees will be very large and have many delegations present. This year, we will be running six General Assembly Committees broken into four modern committees and two historical committees. The modern committees include Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), the United Nations Legal Committee. The SOCHUM Committee will serve as the novice committee for this year’s conference, offering new delegates a chance to learn the ropes while competing against those at a similar skill level as themselves. We will also have two historical committees—the 1947 United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question and the 2003 United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on Terrorism.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for these six BosMUN XIII General Assembly Committees. Work hard to learn everything pertinent to your committee and your selected topics, because the more informed you come to the conference, the better the quality of the debate. One of the best qualities in any delegate is the ability to think quickly on their feet, play to their strengths and knowledge, and come with an open mind. I hope that BosMUN XIII will serve as an effective place to challenge you, foster substantive debate, and learn from others. Good luck and prepare well!

Best ,

Nishant Garg

Under-Secretary General – General Assemblies