Economic and Social Councils


Hello delegates and welcome to BosMUN XIII,

My name is Michelle Cedeno  and I will be your Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social Council Committees this year! I’m a senior at Boston University studying Neuroscience and Film Studies. I have been a part of BosMUN since I was a freshman. As a freshman, I was a crisis staffer for Margaret Thatcher’s committee on Falkland Islands, which instilled in me a love for Model UN. I learned a lot by being a crisis staffer and applied these new found skills to my everyday life and work. Ever since my experience as a crisis staffer, I have become more involved in our International Affairs Association especially with our college conference, BarMUN and more importantly BosMUN! I have been a crisis director for multiple committees and last year, I was the Conference Affairs Director for the BosMUN XII secretariat. As your USG for ECOSOCs I strive to give you the best delegate experience. The hands on experience I gained with our staff and delegates provided me a great opportunity to learn, grow, and create and I am truly excited to see all the delegates work together and debate the issues facing the world today.

Economic and Social councils are one of the main functions of the United Nations, focusing on social, cultural, economic, and health issues. ECOSOCs are some of the most versatile organs of the United Nations and continue to focus on a more micro level of providing UN services to specific regions or issues areas around the world.

This year, we will be running seven Economic and Social Committees which include, World Intellectual Property Organization, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations Economic and Social Commision for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Commision on Sustainable Development, South African Development Community, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for these seven BosMUN XIII Economic and Social Committees! Research hard and learn everything you can about the topics before you arrive because the more you know, the better your time debating will be. I can’t wait to see all the hard work you all put into these topics!



Michelle Cedeno

Under-Secretary General – Economic and Social Council