Frequently Asked Questions


As always, do not hesitate to contact any member of the secretariat with questions about BosMUN!

Question: I see that BosMUN is an invitational conference, but we never received an invitation. Are we still allowed to register for BosMUN?

Answer: Absolutely! At BosMUN, we extend an open invitation to all interested schools, including yours. Please consider the letter on the home page of our website your invitation to register for our conference, regardless of whether or not we have contacted you with an invitation.

Question: What is the official hotel policy?

Answer: BosMUN requires all delegations who plan to stay overnight to stay at the Boston Marriott Hotel Copley Place unless special arrangements are approved by the Secretary-General. Information on hotel reservations at our special reduced rate is available at

Question: Who hosts this conference?

Answer: BosMUN is hosted and operated solely by the Boston University International Affairs Association.  We are a student-run organization, and our members volunteer their time to make BosMUN possible.

Question: Are there age restrictions for delegates?

Answer: BosMUN is a conference for high school students, who are generally 14-18 years of age in the United States. Please select delegates who fall within this range. If you wish to bring delegates outside of this range, special permission is required from the Secretariat.

Question: Is there an official working language of BosMUN?

Answer: English is the official working language of BosMUN. All communication during committee sessions must be in English.

Question: Is there a fee for advisors?

Answer: BosMUN does not charge an advisor fee. You are welcome to bring more than one advisor/chaperone with your delegation, within reason of course. We also require that all delegations are accompanied by at least one advisor/chaperone.

Question: What is the password for mini-guides and background guides?

Answer: After registering, and after the mini-guides are available, the password for mini-guides is available to advisors on their portal page. The same password is used for background guides.

Question: How does country/position selection work?

Answer: After registering, advisors will be given access to a country/position request form on their portal page. Positions will be assigned once full payment is received.

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