BU International Affairs Association


The Boston University International Affairs Association, or BUIAA, is one of the largest student organizations at Boston University. It is the home to a diverse group of students from all Schools and Colleges within BU and presents them with a myriad of opportunities to engage in multicultural events and educational opportunities within the world of foreign affairs. BUIAA is a multi faceted organization and contains components for students with any interest pertaining to international affairs. BUIAA holds weekly meetings that take form as discussions, simulations, debates and much more. BUIAA also encompasses several smaller groups, including our Model United Nations Travel Team, International Relations Review, and two additional conferences, BarMUN, our college conference, and BeanMUN our sub-conference at the WEMUN Expo in China.

The Model UN travel team competes in conferences all over the country and world, representing BU around the circuit. The team introduces new members to Model UN with its one day simulation, the Intra-BU Conference Simulation (IBUCS). IBUCS is designed to introduce novices to Model UN and welcome them into the organization. The MUN team welcomes all levels of experience and works to create a competitive team that enhances students’ academic experience and personal growth at BU.

BUIAA’s collegiate conference, BarMUN, began in 2007. Its innovative structure of a fully-integrated crisis simulation was met with outstanding reviews. The Association has continued building this conference over the past four years, focusing on non-governmental actors that are often overlooked in other simulations. This also allows BosMUN chairs and crisis directors to gain experience in running cutting-edge crisis committees, a skill they bring to BosMUN.

BUIAA also hosts BeanMUN, a high school sub-conference at the WEMUN Expo in Beijing, China. Composed of sub-conferences from the finest programs on the high school circuit, WEMUN allows some of our chairs to interact, instruct, and learn from an unprecedented number of international students.

Started just a few years ago, the International Relations Review (IRR) is a publication representing the talent of the general BU student population. Addressing topics with social, linguistic, cultural and geographical elements, the IRR allows students to weigh in on international issues. Always expanding, the IRR is looking forward to continue developing into a prominent part of BU’s community.

BUIAA is, above all, a place where internationally-minded students can gather to discuss, debate and work to understand other governments, peoples and cultures. BUIAA works to provide a forum where students can grow academically and personally, and prides itself on creating an organization that contributes to the colorful fabric that is BU.

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